BRUSHES, Brushes for industry, brushes for machines, wire brushes, brushes for test tubes, chimney brushes, steel wire brushes, fibris brushes
s.z.r. NOVAK STEEL business owner: Milorad Novakoviċ
Ložionička 47, 21000 NOVI SAD, SERBIA
mob: +381 (0) 63 255 462,
tel/fax:+381(0) 21/ 6301 314, tel:+381(0) 15/ 260 158
NOVAK STEEL manufactures brushes of the highest quality for the maintenance and cleaning of steam generators, chimneys, heat exchangers, air conditioners, test tubes, flour mills, brushes used by veterinarians, heating plants, thermal power stations, brushes for industrial use, various roller and straight edge brushes, etc. We manufacture all types of brushes, per order, draft or sample including custom made brushes.

Small Brushes
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